What is Martoverse.com

Martoverse is our experiment with Web3 identity and streaming games. At Martov Co we have come to feel that the two most important things are reducing friction and increasing engagement.

And to do this, we have removed the two main hurdles to playing games - creating an identity system (which we cover with the Metamask wallet) and streaming the game session itself.

Though we plan to build our own avatars (with the upcoming Anuran Dojo being our first set of fighting frogs!), we will first test support with the CloneX avatar system from the amazing RTFKT studios.

If you have a CloneX, you can simply load your wallet - your CloneX should load automatically. Then select 'Anura' from the available games, and you will be able to play a little demo game. You can even earn Martoverse's special token, TOV!

For more information on cashing out your TOV as ERC20, click the TOV page.
We hope you enjoy this little experiment we are working on!

Martin's Avatar
Martin Bradstreet,
CEO, Martov Co